Garnet Crystal Tumble Stone

Garnet Crystal Tumble Stone

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Garnet is a crystalline mineral that has been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones, abrasives, and even weapons.

Garnet is RED. There may be some rare Garnet crystals that are blue or clear in colour, but the main reason we fall in LOVE with Garnet is that it is a beautiful strong red stone.

Here’s a kicker, some Garnets are so red that it looks like a dark black crystal.

Garnet has a hardness of 6.5–7.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. It is on the middle side of durability as far as crystals are concerned.

Garnet is known as the Warrior’s stone and corresponds with love, devotion, survival, grounding, strength, security, safety, kundalini activation, comfort, and protection.

Although the Warrior’s stone’s name may have Roman or even ancient origins, ‘Garnet’ evolved from the 14th‑century Middle English word ‘gernet’, meaning 'dark red'.

Besides being known as the Warrior’s stone, Garnet is also known as the ‘Commitment Stone’. It has the energy and vibration to enhance your devotion to a loved one or loved ones, family, your tribe, or a good cause.

Keep Garnet by your side either as jewellery, talisman, or as a stone in your purse, bag, or pocket and act out your plans with the passion and devotion of warrior’s cause.


1pc: 1 x Tumbled Stone


Small = Less than 10 gms

Medium = 10 gms to 15 gms

Large = 15+ gms to 20 gms

Extra Large = 20+ gms to 25 gms

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